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Guide to Visit Cenotes in Playa Del Carmen

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What Are The Best Cenotes Playa Del Carmen Has?

If you’re looking for the most amazing cenotes to visit during your trip to Mexico, then read on. This post will outline the most beautiful cenotes that you can explore and enjoy.


Some of the ones mentioned here are just twenty minutes outside of Playa Del Carmen, while others are the closest cenotes Tulum has to offer, which means you don’t even have to travel far from either of those places to get your dose of this wonderfully relaxing experience.


Best Cenotes Playa Del Carmen

1. Cenote El Jardin del Eden

This is arguably the best cenote Mexico has to offer. It’s located in the open, meaning that it’s not in a cave, and it has grown to become the most popular choice thanks to its jaw-dropping cliff jump.

The deeper water creates a more interesting snorkeling experience and provides a great setting for relaxing in the tranquil atmosphere. Here you’ll find foot trails around the cenote, palapas for picnics, and there are large rocks in the middle of the cenote where you can sit and enjoy the surroundings.


2. Azul Cenote Mexico

Cenote Azul is shaped like an ‘L’ which means it has some corners where you can find yourself a quiet, relaxing spot away from everyone else. This is one of the more family-friendly cenotes in the area because it has shallower spots where the kids can swim and play safely.


There’s a small trail that passes through the middle of Cenote Azul, and while no alcohol is allowed, you’re able to have picnics with the family in the beautiful surroundings.


3. Cenote Cristalino – Most Beautiful Cenote Mexico

This cenote is shaped like a ‘C’ and has lots of lush foliage around it. As with the other two cenotes, this one also has a cliff jump, but this one also has a cave-like portion where you can snorkel through. If you’re trying to decide which of the cenotes Playa Del Carmen has is the best one, note that the three mentioned here are all located extremely close to each other, which means that you could visit them all in one day if you so desired.


Those are three of the best cenotes that are closest to Playa Del Carmen, but there are others that are closer to Tulum. And one of the best cenotes Tulum offers is:


4. Casa Cenote

This one is a bit further south heading toward Tulum, but since the two towns of Playa Del Carmen and Tulum aren’t that far apart, to begin with, this cenote is also easily accessible. It’s close to the beach and has crystal clear waters. There’s also a very large area for snorkeling, swimming, and even kayaking. It’s definitely one of the best Cenotes Tulum has.


Book A Tour To Get The Best Experience!

As you can see, there are lots of cenotes you can visit within easy reach from either Tulum or Playa Del Carmen. Whether you’re looking to do a bit of mangrove exploration, snorkeling, cliff diving, or if you just want to have a peaceful, relaxing swim, there is a cenote in this area to suit your needs.


And the best way to get the most out of your experience is by booking a tour to ensure that you not only get where you’re going in a timely and convenient way but that you also get to see and do as much as you can during the time that you have.