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10 Amazing and Romantic Things to do in Cancun for Couples

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10 Amazing and Romantic Things to do in Cancun for Couples


Cancun, Mexico is the ideal romantic spot for couples. With its beautiful white-sand beaches, swinging palm trees and blue waters, there are obviously a lot of amazing things to do in Cancun. Beginning with indulging honeymoon resorts, various water sports and more, there are definitely many things to do in Cancun for couples.

So on your mark, get set to buy tours and go for experiences involving romantic things to do in Cancun. Below is our list to get you all fired up for Cancun.


Go on a Jungle Tour

A perfect one for any couple that wants to spend time together enjoying the mangroves. Ride the two-seat (also known as “Side by Side”) speedboat, which is the most popular for couples riding in between the mangroves.


Visit the Xcaret Eco-Park

This is a go-to destination for couples spending their time in Cancun. Delight yourselves in this area’s natural endowment. Relax as a couple in the creek and generally have fun together in Xcaret taking part in water activities.


Get onboard an Isla Mujeres Catamaran Cruise

Besides Xcaret, Isla Mujeres is another destination that couples looking forward to amazing things to do in Cancun want to visit. Both of you can go on an Isla Mujeres catamaran cruise. Although this trip takes about 20 minutes, you can decide to make it even longer by engaging in other activities in between Cancun and Isla Mujeres.


Undertake a Subsea Paradise Excursion

This is one out of the many amazing things to do in Cancun that you should look forward to. That is going on a hybrid boat-submarine vessel excursion. This unique underwater ride will present you with the opportunity of seeing wonderful reefs including the Underwater Museum together as a couple.


Go Snorkeling Together

The subsea paradise excursion is for those who don’t want to get wet. However, if you can swim and you are ready to go underwater then, it is time to go snorkeling as a couple. El Meco is your kick-off point, where you will see sea turtles, colorful fishes and more. Next, will be the Underwater Museum and finally Cancun’s only shipwreck site.


Explore Chichen Itza Ruins

Visit Chichen Itza, a historic site that was an ancient town that flourished in much earlier civilization. The El Castillo (Temple of Kukulcan) is the primary attraction here. It is a large step pyramid. Chichen Itza remains Mexico’s most popular go-to destination for tourists with morethan two million people visiting yearly.


Dip into Cenotes

The meaning of Cenotes (old Mayan language) is secret well. It is a natural occurring sinkhole that is created due to the collapse of limestone bedrock revealing underground water. The Yucat√°n Peninsula, a region not far from Cancun is known for having cenotes. Scuba dive or just swim as a couple in them if you want. Oftentimes, these cenotes possess washing facilities, locker facilities or jumping platforms.


Try being a Cancun Couple for One Day

One of the things to do in Cancun for couples is forgetting that they are not from Cancun. This way they can live as locals and have a great time doing same. Begin your day as a Cancun couple by eating breakfast at the Cafe Nadar. It is a coffee shop turned full-fledged restaurant.

Have a typical beans, meat, eggs with tortillas Mexican breakfast. For dinner, consider a seafood eatery. Then, entertain yourselves by watching a soccer match or a bullfight.


Check out Sian Kaan

Sian Kaan is a biosphere reserve for all nature lovers. Although it will take a longer time to get there when compared to Isla Mujeres catamaran rides, it is nevertheless worth it. Tour this reserve and have views of breathtaking wildlife, mangroves and marshes.


Take a Couple Selfie

Having your selfie pictures taken as a couple is one of the romantic things to do in Cancun. Have them taken at Kilometer 18, at the favorite lookout spot El Mirador. After which you can take more pictures where the city’s sign are placed, using them (CANCUN) as a background for more of your couple selfies. Later on in life, these selfies will serve as a reminder of the fun you both had many years ago at Cancun.