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At the Cancun International Airport, thousands of people are received every day from all over the world. That is why different currencies arrive in the city.


The national currency is the Mexican peso, which is why it is used in Cancun. However, you can make purchases or pay for various activities with Mexican pesos or dollars, since the movement of the dollar is very fluid.


A US dollar equals about Mexican pesos, depending on market fluctuations, however, the exchange changes every day. Is very important to check it out before you get to Cancun. You can pay with dollars for tips, a taxi, a bottle of water or even something unforeseen. In most establishments, they accept debit and credit cards (Visa/ MasterCard / American Express).


It is important to know that even though many stores, restaurants, and hotels accept dollars, it might be easier for you to pay with Mexican currency, so we recommend to change your money to the Mexican pesos once you arrive in Cancun.


There may be some exceptions in the exchange house regarding the schedule, but that depends on each of them.